Stylish apartment in New York fit for a family of five

By Andreea Apostu Published:
Wasserman Residence By Pepe Calderin Design
Wasserman Residence By Pepe Calderin Design

Stylish apartment in New York gets a luxurious makeover

The Wasserman family had a need for space as their boys, ages 5 and 7, were growing up and a new baby was on its way.

They decided to hire Pepe Calderin Design to transform their 3,500 sq. ft. New York apartment into a more stylish and kid-friendly home.

As parents, the clients advised of the destructive nature of children. It was very important to them that the company took this into consideration when selecting the fabrics.

Wasserman Residence Luxurious Apartment By Pepe Calderin Design
Wasserman Residence Luxurious Living Room With Spectacular Views
Beautiful Fireplace Under Flat Screen TV
Luxurious Den Used As A Play Room And Home Office

"With the advancement of textiles these days, we were able to provide durable and resistant options that were still soft to the touch and elegant. Once that was resolved, it was all about selecting special pieces for the grown ups to enjoy"

explained Pepe Calderin Design.
Luxurious Apartment In New York

"Starting with the entry, it has a flair for drama. The combination of antique glass with a superposed oversized round mirror, black, white and gold leaf sideboard, onyx and glass drops chandelier sets up the mood for what’s to come in the rest of the home"

explained Pepe Calderin Design.

The designers opted for a light and neutral color scheme, with gold, black and lilac accents, that give the New York apartment a stylish, modern look. In contrast with the color scheme, the original floors were stained in a dark tobacco finish.

The open layout of the main room is perfect for entertaining. The octagonal dining table separates the living room and family room and acts as a focal point on entering the apartment.

The use of onyx is further used in the bar and fireplace to tie the design features together.

Wasserman Residence Stunning Dining Room In A Luxurious Apartment Located In New York
Luxurious Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom, through its combination of materials and textures, exudes luxury and has a calm and warm feel.

The finished home is a truly stylish apartment that meets the client's requirement in terms of kid-friendliness while taking advantage of the spectacular New York views.

Photography by: Barry Grossman

Luxurious Bedroom With Amazing Views By Pepe Calderin Design