Duffy London’s UP Balloon Coffee Table


Up Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London
Up Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London

A coffee table that deceives the eye

Working with the concept of levitation and buoyancy, British designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London has recently designed the UP Balloon Coffee Table.

What makes this table unique is the illusion of a glass table top being suspended by red, gold and silver balloons. However, those aren’t real flying balloons, but craftily made imitations.

Up Balloon Table Gold Presentation by Duffy London
Up Balloon Table Red by Duffy London

The UP Balloon Coffee Tables Round Edition 2015 can be purchased from their website for £7,800.00 GBP EX. VAT (about $11,600 USD) in a limited edition of 25 pieces.

Up Balloon Red Color

Duffy London has already done some other amazing tables that can be seen here.

Photography: Courtesy of Duffy London

Up Balloon Coffee Table Detailed View
Up Balloon Coffee Table
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