20 Boucle Sofas for a Cozy Living Room

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Boucle Sofa for a comfortable living room | White boucle couch
Boucle Sofa for a comfortable living room | White boucle couch

Enjoy the Comfort of Boucle Sofas With Your Family and Friends

Boucle sofas are becoming more and more popular. They offer a cozy, stylish, and luxurious look to any living room. Whether you have a large house or an apartment with limited square footage, it’s important that the living area exudes warmth, comfort, and style. It’s where you relax after a long day at work or school, catch up with friends over coffee, watch TV or listen to music. Boucle sofas are a great way to achieve this look and feel. With their soft texture and inviting appearance, they can transform any living space into a cozy retreat you'll love spending time in.

What Is Boucle?

Derived from the French word meaning curled or ringed, boucle refers to both a looped yarn and the woven fabric made from it. Boucle fabrics are versatile, durable and comfortable. They are made from wool fibres, polyester, cotton, silk, linen, and other materials.

Boucle is soft to the touch and has low liquid absorption, which makes it a great upholstery choice for sofas, chairs, ottomans, accent pillows, and more.

Best Boucle Sofas for Sale

Often found in creamy whites and light neutrals, a boucle sofa is a great choice if you're looking for comfort and style. Here are 20 of our favorite boucle sofas you can buy right now.

Cream boucle sofa

This 1970s Italian-inspired boucle sofa from CB2 is sure to impress all your guests. Measuring 98.25"W x 28.75"H x 39.25"D, Brace Cream Boucle Sofa has a low, deep, curved design that will make a statement in any living room. You can read more details and buy this sofa here.

Comfortable boucle sofa for a modern living room

This stylish boucle sofa will add warmth and luxury to any living space. It comes in three different sizes and can be purchased here.

White Boucle Sleeper Sofa / Boucle Couch

Measuring 84"W x 31"H x 40"D, this boucle sleeper sofa is a great choice for both small and large spaces. Not only is it a chic and timeless design, but it can also double up as a comfortable bed for guests who need to stay for the night. For anyone living in a small place with no guest bedroom, this can be an important aspect. This boucle couch can be purchased from CB2 for $1,899.00.

Modern boucle sofa / boucle couch
Albany Park

With its timeless design, this modern boucle sofa will look amazing in any living room or family room. Park Boucle Sofa measures 82"W x 35"H x 35"D and has two color options for the steel legs: brushed gold finish and matte black finish. Albany Park offers 30-day in-home trial and lifetime warranty for this product, for further details visit their website here.

White Curved Boucle Sofa
Crate & Barrel

Featuring sculptural curves, this boucle sofa is designed with comfort in mind. The boucle upholstery adds a fun, casual vibe. Hugger Curved Boucle Sofa measures 92"W x 28.5"H x 46"D and is available at Crate & Barrel.

Ivory boucle sleeper couch

This chic, comfortable boucle couch is perfect for moments when you want to lounge and watch a movie. It also doubles as a queen-size bed for guests. It measures 87.75"W x 31.75"H x 38"D and can be purchased here.

White Boucle Sofa

Another great choice is this white boucle sofa from Castlery. Fully upholstered with spill-resistant boucle, this elegant sofa will be the star of your living room. It measures 86.6"W x 29.9"H x 35.8"D and features a stylish, curved design. You can buy it here.

White Boucle Sofa

This stylish boucle sofa features soft curves, solid bleached oak rounded legs, and an oversized silhouette. It measures 86.5"W x 31"H x 36.5"D and is available in two colors: camel and white. This sofa can be purchased for $2,499.

Sand / Brown Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Perfect for the living room or office, this boucle sofa features round bolster armrests and three feather-wrapped back cushions for comfortable lounging. It measures 87"W x 33"H x 35"D and it's available here.

Owen Gray Boucle Sofa | Gray Boucle Couch

If you want your living room to be stylish and comfortable, this gray boucle sofa is the perfect choice for you. Upholstered in rich, textured boucle performance fabric, this boucle sofa measures 96"W x 40"H x 45"D and can be purchased here.

Round Arm Ivory Boucle Sofa

Upholstered in ivory-hued boucle fabric, this sofa has an oversized silhouette and a deep, low profile. It measures 89"W x 30"H x 39.5"D and evokes a lounging vibe while maintaining a modern look. This boucle couch can be purchased for $1,849.99 and will be delivered to you within 2 - 3 weeks.

Modern Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Inspired by Italian Modernism and DUMBO House, this three-seater boucle sofa will add a cozy and luxurious feel to any living space. Featuring soft boucle fabric upholstery, high resilience foam and oak frame, the sofa measures 96.9"W x 30.3"H x 39.8"D and can be purchased here.

Ivory boucle sofa / boucle couch

This boucle sofa will add a warm, welcoming ambience to any luxe living space. It features low lines, plush boucle upholstery, softly rounded sides and a walnut base with warm tones and striations that vary from piece to piece. This white boucle sofa measures 92"W x 29"H x 38.25"D and can be purchased here.

Small White Boucle Sofa
Urban Outfitters

This gorgeous white boucle sofa will bring a sophisticated, chic vibe to any home. It's sold by Urban Outfitters and can be purchased here.

Modular Four Seater Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Measuring 130.5"W x 32.5"H x 41.5"D, this comfortable four-seater boucle sofa features pleated stitch detailing, cylindrical legs, and wrap-around arms and back. It offers low lounge sitting, ideal for cozy evenings with family and friends. For more details, check out Soho Home's website here.

Three Seater White Sofa Boucle

This modern sofa features a playful, minimalist design and spill-resistant boucle fabric. It measures 89"W x 28.3"H x 37.8"D and can be purchased here.

Comfortable Curved Boucle Sofa

This elegant boucle sofa will make a statement in any room and will impress all your guests. Firm but comfy, it measures 87"W x 31"H x 45.5"D. The fixed seat and back cushions are filled with foam. You can read more details and buy this curved boucle sofa here.

Miri Cream Boucle Sofa
Living Spaces

Sold and shipped by Living Spaces, Miri Cream Boucle Sofa measures 88.2"W x 30.1"H x 39.2"D and is available here.

Gray Curved Boucle Sofa

Featuring modern upholstery, a low profile, and curved silhouette, this boucle sofa measures 88"W x 29"H x 35"D. It's available is two colors: white and gray, and can be purchased here.

Modular Corner Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Our last pick is this modular corner boucle sofa. Measuring 125.5"W x 32.5"H x 125.5"D, it provides plenty of seating and comfort. You can buy it here.