20 Boucle Sofas for a Cozy Living Room

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Boucle Sofa for a comfortable living room | White boucle couch
Boucle Sofa for a comfortable living room | White boucle couch

Enjoy the Comfort of Boucle Sofas With Your Family and Friends

Boucle sofas are becoming increasingly popular due to their cozy, stylish, and luxurious look. With their uniquely textured fabric and plush cushions, they create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for any living room.

Whether you have a spacious house or a small apartment, these sofas provide comfortable, elegant seating to unwind and spend quality time. Your living room should feel warm, stylish and inviting - a place to relax after a long day, chat with friends, watch TV and listen to music.

Boucle sofas deliver on this with their indulgently soft feel and chic appearance. The textured boucle upholstery and cushioned shape transform living spaces into cozy yet sophisticated retreats.

What Is Boucle?

Boucle refers to a looped, knitted fabric made from yarns with small curls and knots. The French word means curled or ringed. Boucle has a soft, plush feel and visual texture that comes from the loops in the woven material.

Boucle is versatile, durable, soft to the touch and has low liquid absorption, which makes it a great upholstery choice for sofas, beds, chairs, benches, ottomans, accent pillows, and more. It can be made from wool, polyester, cotton, silk, linen, and other materials.

Why Choose a Boucle Sofa?

Boucle sofas have soft, cushioned upholstery that is extremely comfortable. The cozy seating is perfect for relaxing after a long day or entertaining friends and family.

They come in versatile neutral hues ranging from creamy ivories to soft dove grays. These shades complement any existing decor, allowing you to accessorize around your sofa with ease. Whether your style is traditional, modern or bohemian, a boucle couch acts as a sophisticated neutral foundation.

High-quality boucle fabric and sturdy construction make these sofas durable and long-lasting. With proper care, a boucle sofa will maintain its appearance and comfort for years.

Best Boucle Sofas for Sale

Here are 20 of our favorite boucle sofas you can buy right now. Browse our selection and pick your favorite today!

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Auburn Performance Boucle Sofa

Modular boucle sofa

This modular boucle sofa from Castlery will be the centerpiece of any living space. Measuring 70.9"W x 16.7"H x 24.4"D, this piece features tight back armrests, ensuring a comfortable lounging experience.

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Fresno Boucle Sofa

Comfortable boucle sofa for a modern living room

This stylish boucle sofa will add warmth and luxury to any living space. Choose from three different sizes (70", 85", 98") the perfect one for your space.

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Annexie 89" Boucle Curved Round Arm Sofa

Mid-century modern curved boucle sofa for living room

This curved boucle sofa blends timeless design with contemporary flair. Crafted with a solid wood frame, this piece boasts a curved C-shape silhouette with a chic arched back. Balanced on a hidden base, this sofa creates the illusion of floating inches above the floor. This sofa measures 89'' W X 33'' H X 38'' D and comes with four toss pillows (two squares, and two spherical).

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Park Boucle Sofa

Modern boucle sofa / boucle couch
Albany Park

With its timeless design, this modern boucle sofa will look amazing in any living room or family room. It measures 82"W x 35"H x 35"D and has two color options for the steel legs: brushed gold finish and matte black finish. Albany Park offers 30-day in-home trial and lifetime warranty for this product.

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Deans 82'' Upholstered Sofa

Modern White Curved Boucle Sofa

Featuring smooth curves, this boucle sofa is designed with comfort in mind. The boucle upholstery adds a fun, casual vibe. Deans Upholstered Sofa measures 82.28"W x 31.10"H x 31.10"D and is available at Wayfair and AllModern.

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Akyla 93.5'' Upholstered Sofa

Modern boucle sofa with pillows | Arched boucle couch

This chic boucle couch boasts a minimalist oval silhouette that exudes contemporary elegance. It features a rounded seat, an arched back, and curved barrel-style arms. This couch measures 93.5'' W X 31'' H X 34'' D and comes with two toss pillows, adding an extra layer of texture and style to your decor.

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Odette Performance Boucle Sofa

White Boucle Sofa

Another great choice is this white boucle sofa from Castlery. Fully upholstered with spill-resistant boucle, this elegant sofa will be the star of your living room. It measures 86.6"W x 29.9"H x 35.8"D and features a stylish, curved design.

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Solange Performance Boucle Sofa

Boucle sofa with wooden side panels

With its sleek and stylish design, this sofa is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their living space. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet night in, this piece is sure to impress. Its tubular backrest and wooden side panels provide sturdy support and a chic, modern look that complements any decor. This sofa can be purchased on Castlery for $1,999.

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Olivier Sand Boucle Sofa

Sand / Brown Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Perfect for the living room or office, this boucle sofa features round bolster armrests and three feather-wrapped back cushions for comfortable lounging. It measures 87"W x 33"H x 35"D and is available at Soho Home.

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Owen Gray Boucle Sofa

Owen Gray Boucle Sofa | Gray Boucle Couch

If you want your living room to be stylish and comfortable, this gray boucle couch is the perfect choice for you. Upholstered in rich, textured boucle performance fabric, it measures 96"W x 40"H x 45"D.

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Round Arm Boucle Sofa

Round Arm Ivory Boucle Sofa

Upholstered in ivory-hued boucle fabric, this sofa has an oversized silhouette and a deep, low profile. It measures 89"W x 30"H x 39.5"D and evokes a lounging vibe while maintaining a modern look. This boucle couch can be purchased for $1,730 and will be delivered to you within 2 - 3 weeks.

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Eldon Three Seater Boucle Sofa

Modern Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Inspired by Italian Modernism and DUMBO House, this three-seater sofa will add a cozy and luxurious feel to any living space. Featuring soft boucle fabric upholstery, high resilience foam and oak frame, the sofa measures 96.9"W x 30.3"H x 39.8"D and is available at Soho Home.

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Barton Sofa

Deep white boucle sofa perfect for modern living rooms
Albany Park

This white boucle sofa will instantly become the focal point in any living space. It measures 101"W x 30.5"H x 40"D and features a low profile silhouette and deep, ultra-plush seats and cushions for comfort. The textured boucle upholstery brings visual depth and invites you to sink in and relax. Choose solid oak, walnut or black wood legs to complete the look.

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Aria Boucle Sofa

Small White Boucle Sofa
Urban Outfitters

This gorgeous white boucle couch will bring a sophisticated, chic vibe to any home. The curved arms sweep smoothly from the back to the integrated seat, arching around in a continuous line for a contemporary streamlined look. Plush cushions ensure enduring comfort, while the durable performance fabric upholds the sofa’s sleek style.

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Vivienne Modular Four Seater Boucle Sofa

Modular Four Seater Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Measuring 130.5"W x 32.5"H x 41.5"D, this comfortable four-seater boucle sofa features pleated stitch detailing, cylindrical legs, and wrap-around arms and back. It offers low lounge sitting, ideal for cozy evenings with family and friends. For more details, check out Soho Home's website.

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Lucas Performance Boucle Sofa

Three Seater White Sofa Boucle

This modern sofa features a playful, minimalist design and spill-resistant boucle fabric. It measures 89"W x 28.3"H x 37.8"D and is available at Castlery.

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Atis 3 Seater Sofa

Scandinavian-style low 3-seater boucle couch for sale

This Scandinavian-style couch will make a statement in any room and will impress all your guests. It measures 89'' W x 27.8'' H x 36.7'' D and features a low, casual silhouette. The plush cushions and cozy texture offer deep, cozy seating for relaxation. Pair it with a shag rug, urban artwork, and accent pillows for a contemporary look.

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Miller 84'' Upholstered Sofa

Modern boucle sofa with dowel legs

This modern boucle couch measures 84'' W x 31.88'' H x 34.63'' D and has a chic, versatile design that pairs effortlessly with various decors. Crafted with a manufactured wood frame, it features a streamlined, mid-century modern silhouette with recessed arms and tapered dowel legs. The foam and fiber-filled cushions invite you to sink in and relax. Choose from two color options (white and dark gray) the one that matches your decor.

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Lido Sofa

Modern hazelnut boucle sofa for sale
Albany Park

Featuring boucle upholstery, slim tapered legs, and a modern silhouette, this stain-resistant sofa measures 75"W x 32"H x 37.5"D and is a great option for smaller apartments. Its soft cushions invite you to sink in and relax after a long day. Choose from two colors (white and hazelnut) the one that complements your decor.

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Vivienne Modular Corner Boucle Sofa

Modular Corner Boucle Sofa
Soho Home

Our last pick is this modular corner boucle sofa. Measuring 125.5"W x 32.5"H x 125.5"D, it provides plenty of seating and comfort.

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How to Choose a Boucle Sofa

With countless boucle sofa options, keep some key factors in mind as you evaluate which one best fits your space and lifestyle. Consider the size and layout of your room, measuring carefully to ensure the proportions of any sofa you choose will fit with adequate clearance for walking and other existing furnishings. The ideal boucle sofa will enhance the flow of your space rather than overwhelm it.

Also decide which style best suits your existing decor - do you prefer rounded rolled arms or sharper straight arms? Tufted back detailing or a smoother surface? Matching the sofa's silhouette and details to your overall aesthetic will ensure it looks cohesive.

When examining boucle sofas, look closely at the quality of materials and construction. Opt for durable kiln-dried hardwood or plywood frames over weaker softwoods to prevent sagging issues years down the road. Plush high-density foam cushioning topped with feather or down provides both comfort and support. And tightly woven, pill-resistant boucle fabric will retain its beauty over regular wear and tear.

Ideal Spaces

A boucle couch naturally creates an inviting focal point in living rooms with its welcoming shape and cozy texture, making a statement without overpowering. In high traffic family rooms, boucle's durable fabric withstands daily use and lounging long-term, while plush cushions maintain comfort despite heavy wear.

For bedrooms, boucle sofas provide a soft retreat ideal for reading nooks. In home offices, boucle's warmth and plushness balances sleek desks for comfortable work-from-home spaces.

How to Style a Boucle Sofa

Place your boucle sofa against a plain wall to let the texture stand out. Accent with vibrant pillows and blankets in patterns, textures and colors that pop against the neutral boucle. Surround with sleek leather, velvet or wood furniture for an appealing mix of textures.

Pair the plush fabric with soft rugs, curtains and linens for a cohesive look. Display vibrant art and accessories to complement the neutral sofa shades. The right styling transforms a boucle sofa into a showstopping yet comfortable living room centerpiece.

Maintenance Tips

Regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is key for boucle sofas to lift dust and debris that easily gets trapped within the woven texture. Gently glide the brush across the entire surface once a week to remove buildup from between the loops without causing excess pilling or damage.

Boucle is fairly stain-resistant, but promptly blotting spills when they happen prevents permanent setting. For tougher spots, gently dab an upholstery cleaner approved for delicate fabrics, checking care instructions first. Rubbing too hard during spot cleaning can harm the boucle.

Every couple years, have your boucle couch professionally steam cleaned to extract embedded dirt and revitalize the material. Make sure to hire a service familiar with handling woven upholstery properly.