Wallace Ridge: A stylish modern home that suits the Beverly Hills lifestyle


Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects
Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects

From a property in disrepair to a stylish Beverly Hills home that ticks all the owners' boxes

A former client's wish to move back closer to the city of Beverly Hills, California, marked the beginning of the Wallace Ridge project. Marc of Whipple Russell Architects was called to offer guidance regarding a potential property in Trousdale Estate. The property was in disrepair; had a choppy floor plan and gabled roofs that did not fit the client’s vision of a modern home.

Maximizing the views while creating fluid well-lit spaces that serve and reflect the lives of the inhabitants was the main goal of the modern redesign. Marc Whipple saw a way to stay within the Trousdale Estates' single storey 14-foot height restriction and still provide spaciousness and a spectacular view.

Wallace Ridge - A stylish modern home in Beverly Hills California
Stylish home with open space interior
Stylish dining room design
Stylish home with piano at the entryway

The entire core of the house was redesigned to feature an open plan, high ceilings and a sleek flat roof.

The front door, flanked by large glass panels, opens to a wide entry - a perfect stage for a piano - and provides an open sight line across the living area, through 12-foot glass walls and 8-foot glass sliding pocket doors, to the patio and pool.

Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects - Stylish home with stunning interior
Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects - Stunning Living Room

Frequent entertainers, the clients required a kitchen that was open to the living room and outdoor spaces.

The warm modernism the clients wanted was achieved with a harmonious use of materials as the kitchen, dining, entertaining and living room spaces flow easily into each other.

 Beautiful modern kitchen open to the living room and outdoor area

In the living area a large screen TV and fireplace are recessed into wall-sized expanse of Portico Slate tile. The rooms are minimally defined using tall panels, custom stained in a rich coffee bean brown, that contrasts the light walls.

This attention to detail is extended to the kitchen, where the island and countertops were made of Caesarstone in Lagos Blue and the cabinets were given an acrylic lacquered finish.

Large glass pocket doors open to the outside from both kitchen and living areas, where there is a patio bar, conversation areas and a tabletop fireplace all encircling the gorgeous pool. Large sliding glass panels allow the master suite to also open up to the pool.

A roof terrace, accessible from the pool area, was built atop the master suite to fully take advantage of the spectacular views that extend all the way to the Pacific. At the same time, the roof terrace provides space for entertaining, sunbathing and even a friendly game of table tennis.

A stylish modern home in Beverly Hills California

Below the main terrace, the master wing offers a library/sitting room, and a home theater. A roomy dressing area and master bath are positioned next to the master bedroom.

Despite the fact that the initial property was in terrible state, the finished 6,700 square foot Wallace Ridge residence is a joy to look at. The open floor plan, limited color palette, gorgeous pool and spectacular city views make it a stylish modern home perfectly suited for the Beverly Hills lifestyle.

Photography by: William MacCollum

Wallace Ridge - A stylish modern home that suits the Beverly Hills lifestyle
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