Retain your drink’s full flavor with Whiskey Wedge Glass

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Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass Featured Image
Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass Featured Image

The Whiskey Wedge Glass makes you stand out from the crowd

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Usually, a cold whisky means a diluted whiskey, as ice cubes introduce flavour-killing water to your drink. Designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes, Whiskey Wedge Glass by Corckcicle helps retain your drink’s full flavour. Simply insert the durable silicone wedge into the glass, fill with water, and place in the freezer.

Corkcicle Whiskey Glass
Whiskey Wedge Glass

After freezing, the large ice forms in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass and melts slowly due to its mass compared to smaller ice cubes.

The perfect gift for whiskey lovers, this innovative twist keeps drinks cold from start to finish. The Whisky Wedge Glass can be purchased online for $19.95.

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Photography: Courtesy of Corckcicle

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