Palazzo Del Mare: Luxurious apartment in Miami, Florida


Palazzo Del Mare Pepe Calderin Design
Palazzo Del Mare Pepe Calderin Design

A luxurious Miami apartment that blends both client's and designer's styles

The Harp family was already familiar with Pepe Calderin Design’s work when they decided to work with the firm. Confident in their talent and experience, they gave the company creative freedom to redesign their 10,000 sq. ft. Miami home.

Lots of custom pieces were build specifically for this project, including a textural glass wall treatment, which, put together, give the apartment a very chic and modern feel.

Palazzo Del Mare Modern Red Living Room Design By Pepe Calderin Design
Palazzo Del Mare Modern Dining Room By Pepe Calderin Design
Modern Media Room In A Luxurious Apartment Located In Florida
Stunning Dining Room With Glass Table And Modern Chairs

"The Harp family was a fan of our previous work, and essentially allowed us free reign of their design. In fact, they had very few design requests - they wanted something modern, and they wanted red. From there, we were able to create a home that was truly unique and specific to both our own style and theirs"

explained Pepe Calderin Design.
Modern Office Room In Florida By Pepe Calderin Design

The use of glass, natural stones, and dark woods served as a backdrop for newer technologies, like the infinity tub in the master bath, the open, three-piece fireplace in the great room and the two-way mirror that allowed the television to be viewed from anywhere throughout the entire master suite.

The finished home is a truly luxurious apartment that blends both client's and designer's styles.

Photography by: Barry Grossman

Palazzo del Mare Harp Residence Luxurious Living Room By Pepe Calderin Design
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