Orilamp: A smart origami lamp that brings back childhood memories

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An origami-inspired smart lamp

Let's face it, people love smart light bulbs and lamps. It's easy to see why, there's something fascinating about the ability to control the lighting in your house with a single swipe. Although this market seems over-saturated, there's always room for one more player.

Orilamp tries to differenciate itself from the rest of the products out there through its brand new origami-inspired smart lamp. While origami lamps have been around for a while, Orilamp is the first bluetooth-enabled, multi-purpose modern lamp designed for your everyday lighting needs.

Orilamp Smart Origami Lamp That Brings Back Memories Slinky Toy

Orilamp's party piece is its ability to be reshaped into different forms. Weighting in at only 340 grams, the lamp looks and feels like a modern iluminated version of the slinky toys we had in our childhood. This flexibility allows it to be used as a table lamp, accent light, night light, outdoor light or emergency light.


The Orilamp app

The Orilamp app for iOS & Android is a great accompaniment that gives users full control of their lighting. Some of the app's features include the ability to adjust brightness for the perfect light setting for any occasion, set lights to gently wake users in the morning and monitor lamp battery life in real time. It’s also possible to turn lights on and off automatically using the timer functionality to save energy when it’s not in use.

Orilamp is incredibly simple to use and can be turned on and off by opening or closing the cover. Alternatively, to eliminate the hassle of having to physically close Orilamp every time, the App makes it possible to switch it off while still in bed. The battery lasts 7 hours with consistent use and can be charged using a micro USB cable. It is also made from a combination of environmentally friendly materials.

The cover is made of natural FSC-certified wood, and the light is made with heat-resistant NOMEX paper (DUPONT) and illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs. Orilamp’s wood finishes include German Blonde Birch and American Black Walnut.

Orilamp Origami-Inspired Smart Lamp that looks like a slinky toy

Orilamp will certainly make for a great gift or novelty item when it goes into production. Currently, the smart origami lamp can be pre-ordered for $79 via their Indiegogo campaign, with expected shipping date set to June 2016. There's also the option of purchasing a magnetic strap for an additional $10, to hang the lamp vertically.

Photography courtesy of Orilamp

Orilamp Origami Smart Lamp