Obscura CueLight – The greatest pool table ever made?

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Obbscura Cuelight Greatest pool table ever made
Obbscura Cuelight Greatest pool table ever made

A high-tech $205,000 pool table

Let's be honest, most of us will not be buying a $125,000 pool table anytime soon. Even fewer will purchase a $125,000 pool table and think: it just isn’t enough, is it?

That seemed to be case for Esquire’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad, as $80,000 worth of technology was brought into the mix to create the best greatest poll table ever made.

Obscura Cuelight Interactive Pool Table
Obscura Cuelight Creative Pool Table

The Obscura CueLight Interactive system

Created by the video display magicians over at Obscura Digital, the $80,000 system uses a series of sensors and a projector to cast images on the table that follow the balls around as you play.

In terms of technical specs, the graphics are offered in a high resolution 1920 x 1080 with a 60fps (frames per second) performance.

The system offers three visual modes: Mercury, Inferno and Reveal.

The Mercury visual mode transforms the table into a virtual water surface that ripples as the balls pass over.

Inferno visual mode produces flames flaring from the balls as they roll.

Reveal visual mode displays a high-resolution image as the balls pass over. For Esquire’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad this mode was used to display the latest magazine cover.

Obscura Cuelight Interactive System

Since its initial launch in 2009, the system has graced its presence in places such as the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and is now being offered to the public... sorry, the lucky few who can afford it.

Expensive or not, it’s the most interesting game of pool you'll ever play.

Photography & video: Courtesy of Obscura Digital