Nuovoliola 10: Space saving bed for small homes

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Nuovoliola Wall Bed For Small Spaces
Nuovoliola Wall Bed For Small Spaces

Space saving, modern murphy bed

Living in large urban cities with limited space poses a challenge — how to fit everything you need into a small home.

A Murphy bed is a great addition to a small home, adding sleep space without wasting precious living space. Essentially, it can transform any room into a bedroom or transform a bedroom into a multi-purpose room.

Nuovoliola 10 Space Saving Bed By Clei

The issue with most Murphy-style beds is that once you stow it upward, you're left with empty space that requires lots of furniture re-arranging to fill it. However, this is not the case with Nuovoliola 10, designed by Clei Italy.

When Nuovoliola 10 is closed, its footboard turns into a shelf, and a two-seater sofa is revealed from underneath. With the built-in handle/shelf, the bed can be simply pulled down right over the sofa without the need to remove any objects displayed on it.

Photography: Courtesy of Clei

Nuovoliola 10 Murphy Bed By Clei