Luna Lamp: A moon lantern that brings romance into your living room

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Luna Lamp- Moon lantern that brings romance into your living room
Luna Lamp- Moon lantern that brings romance into your living room

Luna Lamp lets you bring the moon with you

We are all familiar with the cliche story of the couple that have their first kiss under moonlight, far away from civilization.

Luna lamp, created by Taipei-based Acorn Studio, attempts to bring a fairy tale romantic mood to your dining room table, bedroom nightstand or living room floor.

The spherical moon-inspired lantern is handcrafted from glass fiber and non-toxic latex. While not topographically accurate, Luna lamp was designed for people deprived of the moon thanks to crowded skylines and visual pollution.

Luna lamp-Moon lantern romantic cliche
Luna XXL moon lantern for a romantic living room

Seven different sizes

The moon lantern is currently available in seven different sizes. Every Luna lamp comes with a cord and a device to adjust luminosity. Luna M (and smaller) uses E27/28W/110V Halogen bulbs; Luna L (and bigger) uses E27/42W/110V Halogen bulbs.

Luna XXS is an exception: the unique mini lantern is equipped with an LED bulb and a battery instead of a Halogen bulb and a cord. The luminosity is not adjustable, and it's not suitable for hanging.

Luna lantern seven different sizes

The biggest Luna lamp, the XXL, is the most eye-catching. At 23.6 inches in diameter, this gigantic moon lantern will instantly change the mood in your living room to that of the cliche mentioned earlier.

Luna lamp moon lantern living room

Although Luna has already been used on concert stages and in music videos, Acorn Studio wants to launch large-scale production to let people bring the moon lantern into their homes with the help of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. At the time of writing this article, the moon lantern has raised over $335,000, 8 times the initial pledge.

Photography & video courtesy of Acorn Studio