This contemporary beach house near Lima, Peru is a young couple’s dream come true

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Contemporary beach house in Lima Peru - Beach House Q by Longhi Architects
Contemporary beach house in Lima Peru - Beach House Q by Longhi Architects

A contemporary beach house build for a young couple

This contemporary beach house designed by Longhi Architects is the first residence built in one of the areas not yet occupied at the Beach Club Misterio, located 117 kilometers south of Lima, Peru.

Challenging the stillness of the surroundings, the 404 square meter Beach House Q materializes the dreams of a young couple in a “floating volume” which embodies the private spaces needed for a future family.

Contemporary beach house near Lima,Peru with spectacular infinity pool
Beach house with beautiful contemporary interior
Contemporary beach house near Lima Peru by Longhi Architects
Contemporary kitchen area

"The volume is supported by circular columns placed by intuition, as a dance, instead of forcibly in a grid. The dancing columns are accompanied by sliding glass panels that define the common area of the house; living-dining and terrace are integrated or separated by the option to open or close the glass panels depending on social and weather conditions."

explained the architects.
Contemporary living room with red sofa
House Q - Contemporary beach house near Lima,Peru

The beach house's ground-floor is perfect for entertaining. An open floor plan connects the living, dining and kitchen area to the outdoor terrace and infinity pool. A limited color palette is used to further enhance the open space feel while letting the guests focus on what is important - the stunning Pacific ocean views.

The infinity pool, placed at the edge of the wooden terrace gathers views of the surroundings while offering moments of pure relaxation. The infinity pool's boxy design adds another layer of complexity and charm to the Peruvian house.

Longhi Architects managed to perfectly balance the clients needs as a young family with the topographical constraints associated with building a contemporary beach house on a sloping site. As a result, Beach House Q one of our favorite Peruvian homes.

Photography by: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography

Contemporary beach house in Lima Peru with infinity pool by Longhi Architects