These 10 modern Murphy beds will help you maximize space in your small home

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Modern murphy beds for small spaces
Modern murphy beds for small spaces

A collection of 10 modern Murphy beds

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are specifically designed to maximize space in small studios, guest rooms or kids' rooms. This feature seems to make them worth the investment, but finding one perfect for your modern or contemporary home can prove difficult.

While there are plenty of options available, most wall beds look cheap or old fashioned. We sorted through all the options and found 10 modern Murphy beds.

Tango murphy bed by clei - modern convertible bed
Tango murphy bed by Clei wall for bed small spaces

Tango Sectional by Clei seamlessly transitions from a modern sofa to a queen-sized bed. With the built-in handle/shelf, the bed can be simply pulled down right over the sofa without the need to remove any objects displayed on it. The sofa/wall bed system features independent sliding seats, offering both formal and lounging depths.

Ulisse dining murphy bed system by clei
Modern wall bed space saving idea

Ulisse Dining features a Murphy double bed and a 4 1/2 foot dining table that comfortably seats up to five individuals. The front table disappears when the double bed opens, sliding and remaining located underneath the bed base, parallel to the floor. This space saving, modern Murphy bed is perfect for tiny spaces, transforming the dining room into an everyday bedroom.

Hudson murphy bed closed
Hudson murphy bed opened

Hudson Murphy bed is disguised as an attractive closet with faux cabinetry and drawers that easily converts into a double bed.

Modern convertible bed jolly matrimoniale
Modern murphy bed jolly matrimoniale

This practical Murphy bed by Fratelli Spinelli is ideal for creating a living/sleeping area. Jolly Matrimoniale easily transitions from a modern bookcase to a double bed.

Swing murphy bed for small homes
Swing murphy bed system by clei

Swing Murphy bed system is composed of a queen-sized bed and a sofa with one or two lateral armrests and additional storage under it. The bed is placed behind the sofa, completely concealed until needed.

Lollipop wall bed for kids room
Lollipop murphy bed for kids room

This adorable Murphy bed is perfect for small kids' rooms. Lollipop easily converts into one or two everyday beds with wooden slatted bases.

Atoll wall bed for guests
Atoll murphy bed system by clei

The Atoll sofa/wall bed unit converts with one simple movement into an everyday bed with wooden slatted base. The sofa provides additional storage underneath the seat.

Lgm wall bed transformable bed for small homes
Lgm murphy bed perfect for small spaces

Another modern Murphy bed is LGM by Clei. Your guests will have no idea that the centerpiece of the room is actually a fold away bed until you pull it down for the night.

Poppi board wall bed kids room
Poppi board murphy bed kids room

This Poppi board wall bed features a wide lifting desk, a single tilting bed, and upper storage space with sliding doors. It can be used as a desk during the day, and at night can be easily transformed into a comfortable twin bed.

Altea book kali 90 murphy bed customizable furniture
Altea book kali 90 murphy bed space saving furniture

Perfect for house guests, college students and big families, the Altea Book & Kali 90 Murphy bed combined configuration lets you sleep, study or relax, without sacrificing space. This is a great example of how customizable Murphy beds are.