10 amazing, modern bathroom sinks for a luxurious home

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10 creative bathroom sinks
10 creative bathroom sinks

A collection of 10 modern bathroom sinks

Modern bathroom sinks can take on many different forms, from round to rectangular, from narrow to wide and can be finished off in an array of materials and colors. Sorting through all the variations can be tedious but we've done just that in our goal to find and showcase only the best, most creative, most modern bathroom sinks.

From winged to origami-inspired, from layered to twirling, these 10 amazing, modern bathroom sinks ooze luxury and focus on beauty, functionality and style.

1. Wing by Falper

Wing unique bathroom sink by Falper

Falper Wing bathroom sink is made of Cristalplant and is described by the designer as “continuous dynamic geometries frozen in its transition between the vertical and the horizontal planes. The solidity of the material and the sinuosity of the shape are generated with a dynamic simulation of a body pulled by the gravity.”

2. Water Map by Julia Kononenko

Water Map unique bathroom sink by Julia Kononenko

A wooden basin in the form of a topographic map in which water flows through ducts like river channels. While the spacing between channels may seem random, the wooden map actually follows the pattern of streets in the centre of London.

3. Motif Basin by Omvivo

Motif Basin creative bathroom sink by omvivo

Mimicking the complex effect of a kaleidoscope, Motif bathroom sink has a base of etched glass which casts an ornate light pattern over the vanity top. A spacer allows the basin to float above the surface.

4. Arctic sink by KO + KO Architects

Arctic sink by Koko Architects

Inspired the shape of ice, this unique, modern bathroom sink is part of the Arctic Bathroom project by Koko Architects.

5. Origami sink by Eumar

Origami sink by eumar unique bathroom sink

This modern, geometric bathroom sink was inspired by a folded sheet of paper, hence the name Origami. Made entirely from CreaCore, the white matt basin gives a unique look to the entire bathroom.

6. Silenzio bathroom sink by Antonio Lupi

Silenzio bathroom sink by antoniolupi

The Silenzio bathroom sink is realized in Corian and can be painted just like the rest of the wall, allowing it to perfectly blend into the surface onto which it is installed.

7. Igiemme bathroom sink by Purapietra

Davide Vercelli Igiemme creative bathroom sink

The inspiration for this stone carved bathroom sink came from the Isohypse (contour lines) used in carthography to represent the heights of the mountains.

8. Orbit sink by Alessandro Isola

Orbit Sink creative sink by Alessandro Isola

The option to display pure uniformity, or layering circles that move beyond a natural axis of balance, makes the Orbit sink an interesting focal point in any modern bathroom.

9. Twirl bathroom sink by Kohler

Twirl bathroom sink by Kohler

Influenced by the look of handcrafted pottery, the Twirl bathroom sink features horizontal grooves enhanced with a unique glazed finish.

10. Ninna by Slow Wood

unique bathroom sink design

Designed by Benno Vinatzer, this amazing washbasin is made from handcrafted larch wood, showcasing fine orbicular wood lines throughout the surface.